Robe of Vision
Level 11 +
Armor Type Cloth
Type Treasure
Enchantable Yes
Tradable No
Equip Location Chest
Physical Defense + 406
Magic Defense + 631
Max Health + 514
Max Energy + 37
Intelligence + 4
Gold 12 SP 57 CP
Head Ornament of Vision
Robe of Vision
Gloves of Vision
Shoes of Vision

Set Bonus Edit

You can get the following bonuses if you use the same set.

Set Bonus
2 Physical Defense + 33, Magic Defense + 54
3 Physical Defense + 116, Magic Defense + 190
4 Physical Defense + 165, Magic Defense + 272

Recipe Edit

The following are needed to craft this item.

Items Required
Durablecloth Durable Cloth 2
VestpioBelt Vestpio Belt 2
GuidestoneFragment Guidestone Fragment 2
QueenTeresis Queen Teresis' Venomous Tooth 2
Gold 12 SP 57 CP

Made By Edit

Handsome Mode

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