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RaiderZ is being developed by MAEIT Entertainment, the same studio behind the popular third person shooter GunZ: The Duel. The game will utilize ‘non-targeting’ combat whih means players will have to swing, and dodge attacks in real time without the helper of auto-aimers. RaiderZ promises skill based advancement; there will be 5 different classes, each offering different skill sets. It is being developed by Perfect World for the North American release. The game is currently available for PC.

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RaiderZ E3 announcement trailer (2012)01:28

RaiderZ E3 announcement trailer (2012)


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  • Wagnike2

    RaiderZ WIki Started

    July 8, 2011 by Wagnike2

    RaiderZ is an interesting game, after making a strong splash overseas it was announced at this year's E3 convention that Perfect Worlds would be developing a free-to-play North American release for this game. While not a lot of information is currently available for the game, the Wikia Content Team…

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This is a new update of RaiderZ! Theres is going to be a new lava monster in Asgard, which is a new map that we are adding to RaiderZ!

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