Head Ornament of Vision
Level 11 +
Armor Type Cloth
Type Treasure
Enchantable Yes
Tradable No
Equip Location Head
Physical Defense + 141
Magic Defense + 243
Max Health + 128
Max Energy + 43
Intelligence + 3
Gold 6 SP 78 CP
Head Ornament of Vision
Robe of Vision
Gloves of Vision
Shoes of Vision

Set Bonus Edit

You can get the following bonuses if you use the same set.

Set Bonus
2 Physical Defense + 33, Magic Defense + 54
3 Physical Defense + 116, Magic Defense + 190
4 Physical Defense + 165, Magic Defense + 272

Recipe Edit

The following are needed to craft this item.

Items Required
Durablecloth Durable Cloth 1
VestpioBelt Vestpio Belt 1
GuidestoneFragment Guidestone Fragment 1
QueenTeresis Queen Teresis' Venomous Tooth 1
Gold 6 SP 78 CP

Made By Edit

Handsome Mode

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