In RaiderZ, the Berserker is one of the four available play-styles introduced in the game. They are the front-line damage dealers, dealing massive damage, but aren't relatively agile. They excel in knocking down opponents and dealing moderate bursts of damage when in combat. As Berserkers tend to be 2-handed weapon users, their defense is not on par with the defenders and will frequently have to use their ability to dodge in order to survive while in battle.

Weapons accessible to the Berserker class (No restraint on abilities) include:

  • Two-handed Sword
  • Two-handed Hammer

Strategies & TipsEdit

  1. As Berserkers are generally slow (attack speed wise), and usually do not wield shields, they are vulnerable while performing attacks. Some basic chaining of abilities and attacks can prevent an enemy from even wounding you, especially with the multiple knockdown skills Berserkers wield.
  2. Always try to sustain rage when playing a Berserker, as it increases damage and unlocks certain ability usage.
  3. Keep note that Berserkers deal massive physical damage per strike, but with a slow recharge on the next swing. In some cases, it is wiser to attack, manuever out of the enemy's strike, and to attack once more (the process begins again).

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